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    About Us

    Sacred Heart School , Hazaribag

    Sacred Heart School , Hazaribag is a Christian religious minority institution founded in 2015. It is run and managed the service of God and Men. This school is established and administered by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart It consists in knowing, receiving and spreading the compassionate and unconditional love of the Sacred Heart.

    The following facitlities can be accessed for children here:

    The school has a well ventilated building and beautiful campus with its own color of different flowers, shurbs, herbs and trees. Students here have access to Science lab which include Physics lab, Chemistry lab and Biology lab Stuedents have also access to Maths lab which help them understand Mathematics intuitively. Smart Class is also there to equip all students with multi-sensational learning. A computer lab with all new version S/w and H/w make students able to learn technology and computer science in practical way. Here students can also explore lots of knowledge from School library.


    Sacred Heart School

    Mission School

    Imparting True Education

    Our Vision

    We envision Education as a means to the creation of the New Age characterized by the values of love, justice, peace and brotherhood, through developing in every student, a well formed conscience, rooted in God and based on genuine human relationships and by channelling their creativity, energy and initiatives towards the same end, through an integrated and well-planned programme of learning.


    Sacred Heart School

    Mission School

    Imparting True Education

    Our Mission

    The congregation, through the educational programme, aims at promoting intellectual excellence, scientific temper, critical mind, creative thinking, spirit of healthy competition and cooperation among the children and youth. It is the Congregations special priority to inculcate in the students, God consciousness and foster in them the qualities of cheerfulness, loving kindness, compassion and forgiveness, preparing them to be agents of religious harmony, peace and secularism, thus contributing towards national integration.

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    JHARKHAND - 825301

    Mob. No. 7209258263 :

    E-mail: Schoolsacredheart18@gmail.com

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